Need Plants?

We can provide almost any plant species or variety depending on time of the year. 

Stone Work and River Rocks

Rock beds can really add appeal to your landscape and provide a rich looking ground cover

Grass Lawn Installation

We tackle even the toughest new lawn installations with variety of SOD Grasses and Hydroseeding

Custom Fencing

We Instal Standard Wooden, metal, and Custom Fencing 

Tree Trimming, Hazardous, Removal

We handle most tree service needs whether its just a trimming, raising the canopy, Shaping, Removal, and Hazardous Limb removal.

Grading, Brush, Tree, Land Developing

Brush and Tree Removal, Land Grading, Lot Clering, Land Leveling, Tree Removal.

Trimmers Professional Landscaping NALP Members

Need a Landscaper ?

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Commercial Services

Residential Services

At Trimmers we provide our clients with the best value added service available in our area. This means that we always give more and go that extra mile to please you. It's our insurance that lets us know we've delivered our sevices properly with an added bonus for you. We aim to please with our 100% satisfaction on every job

_Brad L, Owner

Increase Curb Appeal and Property Value

Add something unique to your landscape and make it POP

Landscape features, Water Features, Bed Improvements, 

Pavers, Pergola's, concrete curbing, stone work, 

you name it, the little things make all the differance, 

and these differences add big value

Thinking About Selling Your Home Soon?

Attract more Buyers when you hire Trimmers to prep your landscape for listing photos showing your home in its best possible state, and not only will you increase the curb appeal, but you'll shorten the time your home sits on the market

Our Primary goal, with every project, is to create results that will have you loving your landscape all over again!

At Trimmers we believe there's only one way to insure our customers are completely satisfied...

.... and that's by offering our customers  superior quality products and services, 

Our work will exceed your expectations,

and we back that promise with our guarantee for 

100% complete customer satisfaction. 

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Landscape Designs

Trimmers Landscaping

Stone Work

Trimmers Landscaping

Rock Beds

Trimmers Landscaping

Stone Borders

Creative Designs

Complete Makeovers

Bed Rennovations

Trimmers Landscaping

Stone Bed Borders

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