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At Trimmers Professional Landscaping its our Hard Work and the Value Added Results that we Deliver that 's Reflected by Our 5 Star Rating on Facebook and Google. We want all of our customers to "Love Their Landscape," and that's why every job we do comes with our WOW factor Guarantee. You'll be amazed at the attention to detail and time we spend on location to achieve that WOW Factor for our Customers. This is the insurance, as we call it, that insures mour customers have a good experience dealing with us and with the work we do. So, we always go the extra mile and deliver that extra WoW into our work for you. Something you may not have expected us to do because it wasn't discussed but needed to be done. We notice it and just do it for you anyway.  <More>...

Why? Because we just couldn't let it go and its necessary to pull of the total vision we have for your landscape. Value added that sets us above the competition. Yes it costs our business money to be able to spend twice as long on site versus the time our competitors zip on through, but we like taking the time to know you, your property, and your interests in regards to your landscape. Our business is about people, their home or businesses' curb appeal, and the outdoor lifestyles they live. More importantly it's about how Trimmers can make your outside space a useful and enjoyable space for your family and customers.  Also, it's about more than the money or fee we charge for a service call or a landscape bed  we build, it's about us showing you how much we appreciate your business, by going that extra mile to make you a happy customer.  Our goal is not to provide a discounted rate for everyone needing landscaping services but to provide higher quality services, workmanship, and maintenance services that create a higher sense of appreciation for your landscape and to leave every property we put our hands on a lot better than it was before we came. We want the world to be a better place starting with your landscape.  

To some people, it's just a yard, to us it's making our customers proud and excited again to go outside into their landscape and appreciate a well maintained space that expands their living area and increases their home or businesses' value. It's more like creating art from the landscape with every thought and effort that we put into each detail. We will treat your property as if or better than we do our own, we promise. It's that Value added WOW guarantee you'll get from us on every visit.  Your going to love your landscape, we guarantee it!

Brad L

Hands-On Owner Operator

Trimmers Professional Landscaping & Lawn Care Maintenance

Here's How, We Do It: 

First and Foremost, We Care about how Good your landscape looks.  Especially when we make it obvious to everyone who might be paying attention to our work ethics. Even though, It's all really about you, and that good feeling you get because you're proud of your lawn and Landscape. Our satisfaction comes when we get to deliver that landscape back to you, and we see that makes you a happy smiling customer because at the end of the day, that's our ultimate goal. I think a lot of each and every one of our customers and know each of them much better than I'd guess most landscapers do. The reason we add that personal touch is because it paves the way to a better relationship through a better understanding of each customer we spend the time getting to know. What we've developed in our practices to insure satisfaction from all our customers we've outlined below. If your new or thinking about giving Trimmers a try, we invite you to read on and hold us to every promise we claim here. We guarantee your satisfaction every time we visit your home or business property by serving the best value added service in town when we always do just a bit more for you than we promised. It's an easy insurance policy to know you're going to Love Your Lawn once were finished. See you on the outside.

It's These Four, For Sure

1. We Provide More Products and Services than your average Lawn Boy or specialized Landscape company and were constantly adding more services all the time. We constantly re-invest in ourselves with equipment and training because we want to be equipped to provide you with the most complete and Full Line up of Professional Landscaping Equipment, Products and Services to deliver the best and most efficient package we can. This helps insure that we can make your home or business look incredible, all the time! From land grading, to yard clean ups, to hardscape installs, Pergolas, Lawn Care, Fixing this or that and so on. It's better, we think, to provide services from the same someone you already trust and do business with, and comfortable is a great feeling!

2. Attention to Every Detail all the time. Trimmers is very well known for taking the time and going the extra mile on your property. We see the landscape and we see a vision of it's potential. Let us go to work for you and we can take any landscape and maximize it's true potential. We believe in doing it right the first time regardless of how hard we might have to work to get there, because there's nothing more satisfying than overcoming the seemingly impossible task of transforming your landscape into something of value that you will enjoy. 

3. Best Quality Building Materials.. As the saying goes, "You get what you pay for!" We have seen the results of poor workmanship and poor quality products deterioration from the Sun and other weathering elements. It's not like it was just last year. The difference when having your landscape installed doesn't have to break the bank to be done with higher quality products. Trimmers understands that our hard efforts and workmanship deserves a lasting impression as does your money well spent. We will exceed the dollar value spent in all that we do for you. 

4. Best Build Practices. We pride ourselves in all that we do and with whatever the task might be, we make sure its done right the first time. That being said, What's right? Trimmers is constantly working, learning, and training to improve our practices so that we can insure that we're at the top of our game by delivering the latest and best practices that fit your budget and make economical sense. You can rest assured that when you hire Trimmers for your landscape project, you've hired a company that puts the time into delivering everything you expect from one of the best around. Our results have always proven to be a higher value per dollar spent than our customers had anticipated. We make sure of that, you might call it satisfaction insurance !