Commercial Services

A well landscaped Business Property is said to attract more business from eye appeal and boost buyer confidence throughout the shopping experience. In Fact a nicely maintained landscape will always generate its fair weight in revenue returns versus not having anything nice in your store front for eye appeal. Our list of services below, for your business, makes everything about having a nicely kept landscape a breeze because we will do everything in detail so that your never going to wonder how it might squeeze into your tight schedule. Trimmers says you can have nice landscaping even if you don't think you can find the money in the budget. We're very affordable compared to the value we bring to the table. Plus, our services are economically able to fit in any businesses budget, and you're going to love the returns it bring back into your revenue cycle.

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Lawn and Front Building Ornamental

  • Mobile Soil Lab Testing

  • Grass Mowing

  • Grass Trimming

  • Weed Eating

  • Edging

  • Sod

  • New Irrigation

  • Fertilization

  • Preemergent

  • Grass Seeds, Patching, and over-seeding

  • Planting of common flowers trees and scrubs

  • Fire Ant Removal

  • Garden Patio Design and Deck Build

Power Cleaning and Renewal of Driveways, Sidewalks, & Walkways

  • Cleaning Specials All Year

  • Standard One Time Cleanings

  • Exterior Home Cleaning

  • Gutters Cleaned Out

  • Driveway Irrigation / Fix Standing Water Issues

Planting / Bed Design

  • Bed Design

  • Bed irrigation

  • Bed Planting

  • Bed Maintenance

  • New Tree Planting

  • Variety of Stone Borders

  • Stone Accents and Steps

  • Bush and Scrub Planting

  • Hedge Design

  • Ornamental Maintenance

New Construction First Lawn

  • Leveling and Prep

  • Irrigation Systems

  • Grass Seeding

  • Grass Sod

  • Soil Transplants

  • Flower Beds

  • Tree Planting

  • Zero-Scaping


But Wait , There's more...

Having a well-kept and eye-catching landscape can help drive business by offering an open and welcoming atmosphere. Studies have proven that many customers frequent businesses more often when they have trees, flowers and shrubbery planted out front. Not Understanding these important variables to your customers could be costing your business a fortune. If landscaping isn't important in your budget, then maybe that's a big bad business mistake in underestimating your businesses outdoor appeal to your customers experience. Remember it's not about what you think you want, it's always about the customers experience.

Trimmers can also contract to regularly clean up litter and debris. Plus our pressure cleaning service can renew weathered looks and renew your vibrancy once seen at your store front. Call us, we'd love to be a part of making your store's attractiveness to your customers.

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